The Battle-Tested Trading Plan Of A Special Ops Bad-Ass Who Has Made Himself And Others Just Like You Rich
“Go From Broke To Wealthy In 63 Days With This Amazing New Evolution In Making Money”

In just a minute I am going to share with you the most low risk, high yield money making system on earth. One that could have you making six figures from your trading in the next 60 days or less.

One that utilizes a simple six-step process that takes just minutes and is producing the most solid, consistent, profitable, and low-risk trades I have ever taken.

And when I say just 6 steps, I mean everything from identifying the setup to putting the cash into your account.

The system you are about to see takes 100% of the guesswork out of trading.

The setups, signals, targets and exits are all crystal clear so you never need to second guess whether or not to enter a trade or when to exit it.

Even all of the trade management is spelled out in a simple to follow and execute fashion.

In a minute I will walk you through every step of trading this system and you will be amazed at how easily it makes money.

First, however, let me explain why the trading method you are currently using may not be producing the results you want.

If you feel like the money system is rigged and that it’s becoming nearly impossible to compete with big finance...

If it feels like the big hedge funds are controlling the markets and are always a step ahead of you, you are right.

Here’s why...

High Frequency traders are now using AI and new satellite technology to give them an upper hand.

Companies like Planet Labs, formed by three former NASA scientists, now claims to be able to monitor every inch of the globe every single day using mini-satellites called Doves. While there are many great humanitarian uses for this technology, and it is being used extensively to monitor troop and refugee movements it didn’t take long for big corporations to see more lucrative uses.

Hedge funds became their single biggest for-profit clients almost overnight. Being able to track global commerce in real time gives them a huge advantage in knowing what the markets are likely to do.

Being able to put eyes on any shipment of any goods, from tankers in the Med to grain in the Indian Ocean gives these traders a huge advantage: the ability to know what a government's economy is going to do before it even happens.

I was determined to find a way around this and give us back control. To do so I had to go all the way back to 1941.

The quest for better intel into the markets has been going on for some time. And until now, some of the most effective means of controlling risk while still going after big gains was being kept top secret.

Way back in 1941, a Pentagon official developed a secret that allowed virtually anyone to read and trade the markets profitably. Richard Donchian developed something he called Donchian Channels during his years with the Pentagon as a statics officer and continued perfecting them after the war.

His discovery allowed him to go from second-generation carpet salesman to one of the most successful financial managers of his time.

He created the first Hedge Fund and went on to manage a fund at Shearson Lehman, which he grew to $27 million in the 1980s.

Donchian may or may not have coined the phrase "the trend is your friend," but he absolutely lived by it. Like all great trend followers, the importance of price was critical for Donchian. In the March 1982 edition of Forbes William Baldwin had this to say...

In my determination to slash the risk that sometimes goes with trading I discovered a way to tweak Donchian’s technology. Once I did, it was like a dam burst and the profits started rolling in.

By simplifying this into a much faster and easier to read tool because the system draws the support and resistance lines for you, so you can see at a glance where the market has been and where it is likely to go next.

As you read further you will see a system for trading unlike any other. One that crushes risk to the point that it’s almost non-existent. To the point that you could lose 5 out of 6 trades and still make money.


How much will you have to retire on using any of these conservative strategies?
Move The Red Dot To Find Out

And that Forex number is if you are being massively conservative with the “usual” tools. This system blows those numbers out of the water.

No one gets left behind


Everyone who knows me knows how seriously I take the individual success of each and every trader I mentor... I don’t rest until you are successful. Period.

And for the first time ever, I am going to share “the rest of my story” with you...

This is something I have never shared publicly and why I take that motto so seriously.

I spent many years in the military. Not any branch you have likely ever heard of, because we basically didn’t exist.

The operations we ran are still Top Secret, because officially, they never happened. No government will claim us because officially we worked for an international agency.

And we got the job done when no one else could.

The average survival time of special operatives like us was 36 hours. Yes, just three days. So, if we didn’t have each other’s backs... Well, our chances weren’t good.

$930.21 in minutes!

See how simple it is to make thousands in this live trade video

The other thing I learned while serving was sheer determination. The refusal to ever give up on a worthwhile goal. Which is in part what led me to spending the past 16 years perfecting the perfect system and method of trading.

I knew that it was possible to slash risk far beyond what was presently possible and earn more on every trade. And I refused to stop working at it until I had created a system that did exactly that.

You can see it for yourself when you click on that screen above.

Russ Tells His Story

In this video, I share with you how I became wealthy, and why I love showing people how they can do it too. I have taught more than 3,000 people how to trade more effectively and profitably.

“The Simple Six Step Plan To Get You To Six Figures In Just Six Weeks”

Most people think that earning a healthy six-figure salary takes an MBA, a medical or law degree or at least slaving away at the same job for decades.

They can’t wrap their head around the fact that others, who are just like them, have found a way to out earn everyone they know, without ever leaving the house. And do it in just an hour or two a day.

Yet, people just like you are doing exactly that.

They are making six and even seven figures a year in a fraction of the time most people spend working their butts off for a fraction of that.

So, what’s their secret?

First, they have discovered what every wealthy person knows...

That earning money is just trading dollars for hours and because there are only 24 hours in a day it is impossible to scale that.

If you want to make $200,000.00 a year for example, you would have to make $769.23 an hour based on a 40-hour work week. Unless you are a brain surgeon that’s a pretty lofty hourly wage.

The secret is to make money with money. When you do that, the sky is the limit.

Forex Master Method Evolution...

This short animated video shows you how I discovered the way to beat the hedge fund satellite guys at their own game.

Trade Videos

Watch me trade it in real time. Forex Master Method Evolution is the climax of my Forex career. I’ve spent years developing this technology – and I think you’ll agree it was worth my work and your wait, when you see what it can do.

Click the images below to see Trade Videos

Proof that $1,000 or less could make you 183% on your cash

That’s a 84% win-rate!

2,331.28% Gain


I believe I have found a way where most anyone could make huge profits trading currencies in the $5 trillion per day Currency Market. So far, I have helped over 3,000 people learn how to trade the Forex Market for big profits and I believe I can help you.

My students have run the gamut from the complete beginners to professional brokers and fund managers. And I have recently discovered a secret to trading this market that is simple, easy, highly profitable and most importantly slashes risk to an absolute minimum.

One which I believe I can teach anyone, from any walk of life, and show them how it is possible to make an absolute fortune in a relatively short amount of time.

Everything about this cash generating secret is explained in great detail below.


You probably want what we all want. Financial Freedom. Freedom to enjoy your life and the money it takes to do all the things you want to do. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will settle for. The average person gets up every day and goes to work at a job to earn a meager wage. After a while, this “rut" becomes the norm for them. Their dreams, if they ever had any, stay just that. Here’s the good news. You are in exactly the right place, at the right time, to make it so you don’t ever have to live that way.


What I want to share with you today is a well-tested and proven mechanical trading system that uses state-of-the-art technology to make trading the Forex market faster, easier, lower risk, and much more profitable.

Unlike other systems, this was built from the ground up to save you time, limit your losses, and only find perfect setups that have a high probability of turning into massively profitable trades. No more staring at charts for hours waiting for a good trade setup to occur.


This is the exact system I personally use to trade the Forex market with daily to rack up seemingly impossible gains. I’m afraid to tell you just how big some of them are because they are so massive, they are just hard to believe. But as you will soon see, they are very real and achievable for anyone.

But the proof is in the numbers and I disclose everything including actual videos o f my trades on this page.


It makes cash hand over fist and the real beauty of it is that the super advanced (but really easy to use) software does 90% of the work for you. For traders with full-time jobs, who just trade when they can find the time, this software makes it possible to make a huge income in very little time.

The great thing about this new software is that it is a machine and it has no emotions. It only knows to follow the rules of the trading system. And... it NEVER makes a mistake. It can’t. It’s a machine that just does what it is programmed to do - tell you when it is time to go collect your cash from the market.

The custom software I include will find perfect setups following the system rules and you will never wonder whether or not a setup has huge potential for massive gains again. There is ZERO guesswork involved.

People find it to be extremely user-friendly and very easy to both learn and trade. It’s the perfect system for someone who has a busy life and needs a highly accurate system that does not involve spending hours staring at charts on a screen.


It also comes with 24/7 trading support and the ability to speak with an expert who knows the system inside and out anytime you need help with something or have a trading question. There is also a private members area included where you can attend live trading webinars (or watch the recordings at your leisure) and learn everything I know about trading profitably that allows me to make a very comfortable six-figure income trading just a few hours per week.

It’s really the total package for anyone wanting to create lasting wealth, but especially for those with little time to learn a system or trade the market.

In a minute I will walk you through every step of trading this system and you will be amazed at how easily it makes money.


The best early warning system in the world is no good to you unless you have the ability to move fast. And that is why I created this next evolution in trading...

Simplicity. My goal is always to make trading as simple as it needs to be and as efficient as it can be. With Forex Master Method Evolution, I bring you what I think of as “Extra Simplicity.”

We talk about the six trading steps, but really, there are only two simple steps to taking a trade:

  1. Finding the best setups
  2. Getting an accurate signal

And with Forex Master Method Evolution, I have created a specialized “early warning system” that finds you hundreds of additional tradeable, profitable positions that most systems miss. And as you will see, it is those “Invisible” hidden trades where you could make a lot of money.

You will find out that I am a fanatic about making sure you can see how everything works. Nothing here is “black boxed,” or hidden from you. You can load it on day one and trade effectively.

So, whether you are brand new to trading and need a to see each step with perfect clarity and zero guesswork...

Or you’re an advanced trader who wants to get right under the hood and tweak the settings...

You can trade Forex Master Method Evolution profitably right “out of the box.” The “factory settings” are designed for the beginner to navigate with ease, and I show advanced traders how to play with the settings right up front. There are only five major indicators with the system: each one modified, customized, and specialized to give you the high-probability signals you need in a framework that makes them easy to see and to trade.

Turning Points

Never traded before? No problem. And that’s not hype. I developed the Turning Points indicator for you. It pinpoints the exact moment the market hits a swing high or swing low point. Knowing that “Turning Point” gets you into a change in the trend the second it occurs.

And as you can see in the video, I’ve even customized them to grow in size to show you the strength of the trend shift right on your screen.

The diamond shape is no accident. Getting in at the top of a major trend shift is very valuable!

Watch Video

The DC Lines

Richard Donchian developed his incredible Donchian Channels during his years in the Pentagon as a statistics officer and continued perfecting them after WWII. Those powerful channels turned a second-generation carpet salesman into one of the most successful financial managers of his time. In fact, Donchian invented the first hedge fund and went on to manage a fund at Shearson Lehman that he grew to $27 million, in the 1980s!

What I’ve done with Forex Master Method Evolution is to update and evolve his concept into a much faster and easier to read “first strike” tool because the DC1 and DC2 lines in Forex Master Method Evolution draw the support and resistance levels for you, so you can automatically see right where the market has been, and where it is headed.

Watch Video

Trade Dots

Remember how I said trading was really a two-step job? The Trade Dots indicator make both steps, and managing your trade, as simple as 1-2-3.

This important indicator gives us three important actions:

  1. A “good trade” signal
  2. Where to place your initial stop loss & take profit levels
  3. Automatic trade management tools

Watch Video


The MACD and the Stochastic Histograms: Double-layered confirmation and the heart of your early warning system.

Your Forex Master Method Evolution “factory settings” are set to only show you the MACD histogram, and for two very good reasons:

  1. It zeroes in on the most profitable setups for instant confirmation of your trade signal so you can get into a profitable trade faster and with no guesswork.
  2. The MACD histogram is one of the TWO key components of your early warning system: the secret that finds “invisible” setups that no one else sees. (More on that in the next section.)
Watch Video

The Stochastic Histogram

There is an invisible current running right in the middle of the market, right on your charts, but almost no one can see it. And that is great news because when you are armed with the right tools, that current is full of cash. These “invisible” market moves happen constantly, and bring you tons of additional trading opportunities every single day.

And the best part is these hidden trades are so easy to make that even a beginner can learn to trade them for huge profits with no specialized training or additional tools... You just need the Forex Master Method Evolution modified Stochastic histogram and MACD to find them all, and trade as many as you want.

Watch Video


Imagine... earning enough cash to double your monthly salary in your first week of trading and formulate a solid financial plan to leave the nine to five grind behind forever, in the next six months or less, with confidence that you would have all the money you could ever need.

Imagine... waking up without an alarm clock each day, confident that whether or not you needed money, you could have the almost magical power to generate $1,000's out of thin air virtually on demand in mere minutes any time you like.

Imagine... being able to quickly spot some of the most profitable trades of your career and know the exact entry and exit and risk management strategy to use for each one to virtually guarantee optimal results.

Imagine... sipping your coffee on the front porch in your bath robe without a care in the world while your high-strung neighbor, green-faced with envy, tears off to fight rush hour traffic on the way to his stressful job. You'd wave politely I'm certain :)

Imagine... being someone who others who are stuck on the hamster wheel paying off mountains of debt are naturally drawn to like a magnet because they recognize your quiet confidence and envy the carefree lifestyle you have.

Imagine... having the almost foolproof, psychic ability to accurately predict and attract money...a LOT of money...while other investors and traders are getting hammered by markets.

Imagine... having so much spare time on your hands, that you’re dying to try out deep sea fishing, but you have no boat and you live in Arizona.

What would it feel like if you knew with a high degree of certainty that no matter what was happening in this chaotic and unpredictable world, that you could tap into a virtually unlimited money supply any time you needed it?

How good would you feel if you could stroll into that European car dealership you’ve walked past for the last ten years on your way to work and pick out that little Aston Martin DB11 you’ve been drooling about and never need to look at the price tag?

What would it feel like if you could walk into a board meeting, three months from now and interrupt those pompous, self-serving dickheads and their flow charts with your letter of resignation?

Imagine how much better you’d feel if you knew that your children and grandchildren would be able to attend the Ivy League college of their choice without the burden of mountains and years of debt.

I have helped thousands of traders over the past decade become fine-tuned money-making machines and it’s something anyone with a little determination and the right training and tools can do.

And I have found that there are no special talents, education, or even personality types that determines whether or not someone will be successful as a trader.

Because everything you need to know to make a solid six figure annual income from trading can be easily learned. It’s not even difficult.

And that’s where my greatest joys in life (outside of my family of course) come from. Helping traders get to the point where they can count on a steady, reliable income each and every month.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone I have mentored say, “I quit my job today, I just don’t need the money anymore.”

And it has happened so many times now I can’t begin to count. And that’s probably why I spend so much time helping other traders on social media without any compensation of any kind. Nothing feels better to me than knowing I helped you achieve your dreams.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working directly with, and helping, more than 3,000 people learn how to trade, and I’ve made a lot of friends in the community.

More than 44,000 fans follow me on Facebook where I offer tips and insight to help make them more profitable.

I also have many loyal followers on Twitter and my blog where cover in-depth trading topics, talk about what’s working and even give away FREE, complete systems.

I am constantly helping traders while expecting nothing in return because I am 100% committed to helping honest, hard-working people find easier ways to become wealthy traders.

When you join me today you will get my undivided attention anytime you ask. Whether it’s answering a simple trading question or wanting me to go over your trades with you and showing you how to improve them. As you will soon see you have unlimited access to me in the private Forex Master Method Evolution member’s area.

And anyone who has ever worked with me in the past will tell you that if I’m awake, I’m in the members area helping people. It’s what I most like doing, probably even more than trading my own accounts.

I remember the first account I took to over 1 million dollars like it was yesterday. It felt fantastic and I want you to experience it for yourself.

If you are ready to become a consistently successful trader who makes more money in a few hours than most people make in a week, I am ready, willing and able to roll up my sleeves and help you get there.

Here’s what You will get...

Click on any DVD Cover below and I’ll explain what we cover...


System Indicators

The Evolution Revolution! I say hi and show you what to expect when we start the most exciting ride of your life. I introduce you to the basics of the Forex Master Method Evolution system, it’s powerful custom indicators, and give you definitions and explanations of basic trading that will have beginners ready to rock, fast, and are a great brush-up for veterans.

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System Rules

The Rules! The essence of mechanical trading is in the rules because they help you to trade much more effectively and without fear. In DVD 2, I cover the rules for taking any kind of trade with Forex Master Method Evolution, and you will love how easy this “next evolution in trading” is!

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Example Trades

Examples! In this DVD, I give you FIFTEEN specific types of Forex Master Method Evolution trades and show you how to read the indicators on each one, plus how they meet the rules. There is no better way to learn to trade fast, than to watch me break down each trade for you.

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Live Trades

Live Trades & Advanced System Primer! There is no better way to learn a system than to watch the guy who created it trade it live in real time... I do just that with TWELVE trades that show you some of my personal twists on buying and selling with ease and confidence. Plus, I give you a serious Q&A session where I break down some of the more advanced strategies you can use with Forex Master Method Evolution.

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System Info

The Forex Master Method Evolution Manual shows you how to use the specialized indicators as your personal early warning system for the “invisible” trade signals most traders never see. That early warning system is the strongest feature of this system, or any system ever created. In addition to its awesome trade setup method, what makes Forex Master Method Evolution something you will absolutely love is its ability to:
1- Give crystal clear and precisely timed entry signals
2- Give rock-solid exits

The stop loss and take profit levels leave no question in your mind. The levels are more precise than I have ever seen on any other system... Ever.

Watch Video

And this includes all of the custom indicators I showed you earlier. This is 100% all inclusive and gives you all the tools you will ever need to make as much money trading as you want to.

You may have one or more of my previous systems and if so you know I don’t do "black box" systems. All of the indicators are customizable. Though I think the default setting are best, many experienced traders like to try different settings and basically tweak their systems to fit how they like to trade. I get that. I’m one of those people.

But right out of the box you will have everything you need, without any long learning curve or difficult setup, to start making money with Forex Master Method Evolution right away.

And you also get for free...

Strategic Profit Command Center

Which includes 6 months of coaching at ZERO additional cost.

If you join me today, you will get unlimited access to the private members area - the command center - and that’s where the magic really happens.

In fact, I would say the system itself, the manual and DVDs that will arrive at your front door, are not even close to half of what is included to ensure that you succeed.

Not only will you have access to me personally, to help you in any way you need it, but it’s also in the members area where you will have unrestricted access to every tool I use in my own personal trading.

Every week I will be adding new strategic money-making weapons to your trading arsenal: your Profit Accelerator gifts. These are all meticulously tested to integrate perfectly into the Forex Master Method Evolution system.

If I gave you all of this right out of the gate with the system, it would be overwhelming to say the least. Not to mention shipping would cost a fortune because it would be one monstrous box of goodies.

There is an order to learning all of this that is important. Putting the cart before the horse just makes things far too complicated and confusing.

Perhaps most importantly, the command center is where we hold our weekly live webinars where I go over every aspect of trading the system and trading profitably in general.

These are all recorded and put up in the members area so that you can watch them at your leisure if you are unable to attend the live webinar.

We do them live though so you can ask any questions you have about the topic we are covering, and I encourage you to attend any time you are able.

There is also a forum where you can talk with other members and me about trading. You may want to keep your trading journal in the command center and talk trading with all your fellow members, or you may want to keep your insights to yourself...

Just remember, it’s there for you to use as you wish.

Some people can’t wait to learn everything and start making money as quickly as possible while others like to take their time. This is a go at your own pace deal, no one will rush you and you will never feel like you are missing out on anything. It’s all there when you need it.

Now, if you have purchased systems or coaching in the past from others you know that most times you have to pay $150.00 or more per month forever as an “upgrade” to get this kind of private forum and mentorship.

Not the case here. You get everything for a very reasonable one-time fee. There is no subscription to buy. Ever!

You will get complete, unrestricted access to everything for free when you purchase the system today.

As you can see the value of what I am offering you today is immense.

Both in terms of what you are receiving and more importantly what it could mean to the rest of your life.

Not only will you be trading with a system that practically sees into the future to find perfect trade setups... So you know you are ONLY taking trades that have the potential to make you a lot of money with greatly reduced risk...

And have your account protected like the Vatican by the built in early warning systems that will get you out of a trade long before a market reversal can affect your profits...

You will forever say goodbye to the mistakes that often happen when your emotions get involved because this system manages your trades for you. So all you have to do is follow the simple directions and watch the money flow into your account. And I will be here to help you each and every step of the way.

My goal is to make trading as close to risk free for you as possible.

Now, there is always some risk in trading. No one wins every trade. But what matters is at the end of the month, every month, you have made far more than you have lost and your account has grown by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Because I have found that when you slash risk, your confidence as a trader soars. Let’s face it, if you lose a bunch of trades in a row, it becomes really hard to take the next trade even if it’s a perfect setup.

But when you make money on most of your trades, and your winners are far bigger than your losers, you start trusting in the system and your emotions never get involved.

The system basically does all of your trade management for you. However, in the members area you will also learn emotional management. And that’s one of the biggest keys to becoming a millionaire through trading.

Have questions? I have answers for you right here.


This is most likely the ONLY time I will ever make Forex Master Method Evolution available to the public.

Distribution of this profitable strategy is strictly limited to the few lucky people who will EVER see this page.

If you leave now without getting your copy and you return tomorrow, it could be completely sold out.

That’s not some cheesy marketing ploy. It’s a fact.

Previous systems I created sold out in just a few days and I’d hate to see you miss a chance to earn your own personal fortune with this incredibly accurate and profitable strategy.

Here’s the thing... And this is important...

I’m just one guy. And while I’d would love nothing more than to help everyone who wants to become a wealthy trader, I can only help so many people at a time.

My motto has always been, “No one gets left behind” for a reason.

My goal is to help YOU achieve all your financial goals in the shortest time possible and if you’re not doing that, then I’m not happy.

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I devote a LOT of time to working with my private member’s.

That’s why I’ve only arranged for a small quantity of 1000 copies of the DVDs and manual to be made and prepared for shipping.

If I were to print a small number in the future, my cost would be far more and I couldn’t possibly sell the system for the reasonable and affordable amount you’ll pay today. It would just be cost prohibitive.

That’s why once these 1000 copies are gone, that’s it... I will close the doors and spend my time and energy working with those people who truly want something more than just a mediocre lifestyle.

The past few days dozens of traders have emailed me and begged me to reserve them a copy of Forex Master Method Evolution.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. It’s strictly first come, first serve.

Why I do what I do

24/7 World Class Service & support

If there is one thing I pride myself on being known for more than anything else, it is World Class Customer Support. My support team knows my method inside out!

I believe that no one can offer assistance to a trader better than another trader. That’s why I do not outsource my customer support. I’ve recruited and trained a team of experts to assist our fellow traders in getting up and running as soon as possible.

  • You can chat live with me
  • You can Skype me
  • You can Email me
  • You can Call me

There are a few rare and pivotal moments in everyone’s life where an important decision they make helps to define who they are and what their future will be like.

And after having helped more than 3,000 people just like YOU learn how to free themselves from financial hardship, I know a thing or two about that.

And, I am confident that Forex Master Method Evolution is the fastest, easiest way for you to accomplish all your financial goals.

This could be a defining moment for YOU.

Don’t put the decision off.

It could be sold out in the next day or two.


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Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed There's Zero Risk...

Take it for a no obligation 60 day test drive before you commit – You have 60 days to try the Forex Master Method Evolution to decide if this is for you.

Because I want you to prove to yourself this is not only a good investment, but probably the best investment you will ever make. For any reason, or even no reason at all, you decide this just isn’t for you then all you have to do is return the course for a full refund.

I know it is natural to worry when you buy something. I know that you may be trying to decide if this is for you, but one thing I don’t want you to be worried about is that fact that you can return the course if you don’t think it is exactly what you want.

Try the Forex Master Method Evolution for 60 days and if at any time you feel that you want your money back, just say so and I will refund your purchase price.

There's no fine print or hoops to jump through to get your money back either. I'm so confident in the Forex Master Method Evolution that I don’t believe you will want a refund, but if you do, I will have no problem giving you one.

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